Senegal Initiative

Project Case Study

An ongoing support system for Mbour orphanage in Senegal. Launched in June 2018, Wilben has helped in bringing supplies and to rebuild the premises.

The Mbour orphanage is subsidized by the government but has had difficulties in securing much support in order to address basic needs. It hosts children from the age of 0-12 years old that have been abandoned by their families.

As the initial support, Wilben had provided supplies: bottled water, food, cleaning products, clothes, bedding, appliances and helped rebuild the dormitory.

As part of the ongoing support, Wilben also has volunteered to pay the monthly electricity bills, as well as monthly support for essentials.

What we achieved
  • Monthly contribution for essentials
  • Payment of utility bills
  • New dormitory
  • New appliances

Senegal Initiative

Mbour Orphanage


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