The Management

Marcus Wade
Chairman, Founder

Marcus Wade is Founder and Chairman of Wilben. After a successful career spanning over 20 years of trade …. >

Andrew Fairie
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Fairie is Wilben’s Chief Executive Officer and has broad experience in trading, risk management … >

Emin Akkan
Head of Trading

Emin Akkan is Wilben’s Head of Trading and manages the end-to-end supply chain of our commodities trading … >

Ozan Akar
Head of Turkey

Ozan Akar is Head of Turkey and is located in Istanbul. As well as running our office in Istanbul, he is also … >

Marieme Niang Camara
Head of Africa

Marieme Niang Camara is Wilben’s Head of Africa and is responsible for all business activities on the continent … >

JudyAnne Wanjiku
Managing Director East Africa

JudyAnne Wanjiku is Managing Director of East Africa and is located in the Nairobi office … >

Shaun Little
Director of Finance

Shaun Little is Director of Finance and responsible for Wilben’s UK Export Finance initiative, Group Credit …. >

Amine Dahmani
Head of Bank Relationships & Distribution

Amine Dahmani heads Wilben’s Bank Relationships and Distribution and is …>

Yuliya Tsoy
Head of Operations

Yuliya has seven years’ experience in trade finance. She started her career in 2011 in the International Relations … >

Andrew Wade
Export Director

Andrew Wade is Wilben UK’s Export Director responsible for procurement of capital equipment and is located … >


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    Established in 2014 and headquartered in Dubai, Wilben is an independent merchant trading and logistic house focused on commodities, capital equipment and precious metals, sourcing from and supplying to established and emerging markets globally.