Why Work With Us

Buyer Credit

Extend credit terms to buyers to match their cash conversion cycle.

Stock & Sale

Hold inventory allowing buyers to take and pay as they require goods.

In-land Delivery

Arrange customs clearance, payment of duties and in-land transportation logistics.

Long-Term Supply Contracts

Establish contracts that ensure surety of cost and supply to buyers.


Full logistics capability to receive and deliver goods globally.

Long-Term Off-Take Contracts

Establish contracts that ensure surety of sale and price to suppliers.

Local Currency Contracts

Contract in local currency to reduce the FX risk of our buyers and suppliers.

Payment on Delivery

Suppliers are paid immediately upon delivery of goods.

Advance Payments to Suppliers

Advance pay suppliers who require funding to produce or deliver goods.


We source and deliver commodities and capital equipment to any destination


We work in partnership with a large network

  • Proven track record based on prudence, efficiency and integrity
  • Established relationships and global market presence
  • Resilient balance sheet
  • International management team with strong market experience
  • Strong market position at the intersect of commerce, trade and finance
  • Global footprint and on-ground presence in key markets
  • Partnership and affiliation with UK Government entities

    Established in 2014 and headquartered in Dubai, Wilben is an independent merchant trading and logistic house focused on commodities, capital equipment and precious metals, sourcing from and supplying to established and emerging markets globally.